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MND Links and Online Groups

On the Internet you can find many email lists and online support groups about a range of conditions. Listed below are some that especially focus on MND.


Ozpals (Oz=Australia/NZ, PALS=people with ALS)
A very supportive group of people in Australia and New Zealand affected by MND, either as PALS, or carers and family, plus former carers and several people in associated medical and/or care industries.

Read more: Ozpals


A free online discussion board hosted by ALS TDI (ALS Therapy Development Institute). The forum is moderated by Dr McCarty. Topics include ALS Research, Living with ALS and ALS Advocacy.  To register for the ALS Forum visit:

ALS Forums

An online, all-volunteer support group for anyone affected by motor neuron disease (MND) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  It is fully moderated and offers help, tips, friendship, care and support. To subscribe go to

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