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Nina Buscombe

“Nina’s” celebrate the contribution and commitment demonstrated by Nina Buscombe to improve services, management and research for people with motor neurone disease through travel, training and conference attendance.  The Award is presented and administered by MND Victoria and is intended to fund attendance at training, conferences or seminars within Australia or overseas.

In 2019, the Allied Professionals Forum and International Symposium on ALS/MND are being held in Perth on 3 December and 4 to 6 December respectively. Awards made in 2019 will only be to attend these meetings.

Awards are made to individuals. Multiple Awards will be offered. Awards will not exceed the cost of attendance. The Award comprises a letter and a payment. The value of each Award will be fixed based on projected cost of travel, accommodation and registration submitted by the applicant. The value of awards may be reduced to facilitate more attendees.


All people with an interest in motor neurone disease may apply.

Priority will be given to:

  • final year PhD students and early post doc researchers
  • health and allied health professionals working with people living with MND, including palliative care

Applicants must agree to write and present a formal report on their attendance at the approved activity, with particular emphasis on the impact on people living with motor neurone disease. Recipients who do not submit a report will be ineligible to receive future support. Employees of Australian MND associations are not eligible to apply.

Basis of Selection

Applicants must support their application with a statement outlining how attendance at the event might impact on people living with MND. There is no application form. Application must include a budget and not exceed 2 pages – no attachments or publication lists. Applicants must identify other sources of funding attained or sought. Recipients of MNDRIA Awards or Grants for 2019 that include funding to attend the International Symposium must declare the MNDRIA funding. Applicants may be requested to attend a short interview. Awards may be awarded, or not awarded, at the discretion of the Association.

Application of Funds

The Award may be used to subsidise travel, attendance fees, or other costs associated with attendance. Funding may not meet all costs.


A requirement to present to the Association a written report within 4 weeks of the conclusion of the event is part of the Award agreement. The report will address the nature of the event, specific learning, impact on people with MND, take home knowledge and promotion/translation to practice.


Must be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Applications received by mail or fax will not be considered and not returned.  No late applications will be considered. Early applications appreciated.

Applications close 10 May 2019