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MND Advisors

Regional Advisor meeting with clientThe MND Advisor Service is delivered by qualified professionals who have knowledge of MND and extensive experience in the community services sector. 

Each MND Advisor works in a defined area which enables them to develop expert understanding of the services in their region. MND Advisors navigate the service system for people living with MND to ensure that they are linked in to services that will meet their needs. They are assisted in their role by volunteers who follow up with clients as required.

MND Advisors meet with newly diagnosed people and their families to provide information about the disease, offer advice and support and make an initial assessment of their specific service and support needs. Ongoing support and advice is provided to meet the individual’s changing circumstances.  

MND Advisors also advocate on behalf of people living with MND and provide information, training and advice to agencies and government departments to ensure that the best possible care and support is available.

Download a detailed description of the MND Advisor Service (Docx, 29KB).