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Children and MND

You are probably reading this information because your mum or dad or someone special in the family has Motor Neurone Disease. It is a long name and for short it is often called MND.

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Children - What is MND?

In the human body there are lots of muscles, and we use many of these to move. But before muscles can move they have to receive instructions or messages from the brain. The messages are sent to the muscle by nerves. These nerves are like the telephone wires which carry messages to operate the telephone in your house.

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Children - What causes it?

We don't know, but a lot of research is going on to try to find out. We do know that it is not catching. Nobody can cause MND in another person or make them get worse. We all think hurtful thoughts, or say horrible things to other people sometimes, but this will not give them MND.

Children - Will I get it when I am an adult?

It is very unlikely that you will get MND. Scientists and doctors are working very hard to try to find out what causes MND. Hopefully, in time, we will be able to prevent people getting MND.

Children - Your feelings

When you Mum or Dad or someone special has MND it is natural to feel sad when you remember how they used to be. Sometimes you feel so sad that you want to cry.  Don't feel ashamed or try to bottle it up. We all want to cry when we're upset. Your parents may cry too, when they are sad, even if you don't see them doing it.

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