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Voice Banking Information Session

Calvary Health Care Bethlehem Speech Pathology Department will be running a Voice Banking Information session on 20th September 2017.

What is Voice Banking?

Voice banking is a process that allows a person to record a set list of phrases with their own voice, while they still have the ability to do so. This recording is then converted to create a personalised synthetic or digitised voice.

The voice created will be synthetic and not be a perfect replica of the person’s natural speech, but it will have some resemblance to the person’s natural speech.

Format of the session:


Who should attend:

People who may lose their voice or speech due to their condition. This session would be appropriate for people who are already noticing some changes to their speech or voice.

What the session will include:

An overview of Voice Banking, Message Banking and Story Banking

Enough information to enable most people who are interested to get started

Follow-up 1 to 1 time with clinical staff if needed.

When: Wednesday 20th September 2–3pm

Venue: Magnolia Cottage (entrance from Saturn Street) Calvary Health Care Bethlehem 476 Kooyong Road, South Caulfield

Registration: Numbers will be limited.

Please registar if you would like to attend by contacting the Speech Pathology Department Tel: 9595 3327 – please leave a message if no one answers.