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Become a fundraiser

The MND Association relies on a number of sources to provide monetary support for the services we deliver. One way to assist the Association to achieve its fundraising goals is to become a MND fundraiser - it is not as hard as it sounds!  Learn how you can become an MND Fundraiser.

Raising awareness of MND

If every person in Victoria who has been impacted by MND in the last ten years shared their story with one person each week, and encouraged them to share the story with just one other person, then very soon over one million people would know about the disease.

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Brett, Elizabeth and Anneka’s MND Story | 2016 Tax Appeal

Brett, Elizabeth and Anneka's MND Story, 2016 Tax Appeal

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Brett was a good looking man who dressed immaculately in full business man’s attire of suits, cufflinks and great ties. Approaching 40 he was in the prime of his life doing a job he absolutely loved. He was fit, active, played soccer for Brighton Football Club and enjoyed spending time with me and our daughter Anneka. He loved life and lived it to the full.

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